Iteration 2 | Week 1 | Day 3

According to the scale at the doctor’s office, I lost 12 pounds in the 13 weeks between appointments, which makes me very happy!

I have decided to do another 12 week iteration of this since my next appointment is in November. I have decided that paying extra attention to my way of eating and tracking the week-to-week progress has helped me accomplish my short-term goals. Overall, I hope to lose an average of one pound per week again.

However, if I can up my game just a little, I will get below a very important number and really have cause to celebrate!

Last week was cheat week and it was enjoyable. This week, I’m on vacation from work, so my eating is definitely more relaxed. But I’m still eating my daily salads!

Week 12 | Day 6 | Reality Check Time

My dr. appointment is this coming Monday, so no messing around with treats this weekend!

I am happy with my progress and with how I’m feeling. I will be doing a modified cheat week, but still managing my eating window. Maybe two meals a day instead of one? Maybe change it up day by day depending on how big the meals are. We shall see!

Either way, I’ll still be eating salad with whatever I’m eating so that I don’t stray too far from my current path.

Also the end of August is approaching, so I’ll be doing progress photos and measurements for the first time in a while. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress I’ve made. I had stopped doing the end of month metrics after a couple months of The Plateau.

Overall, I am pleased with my slow and steady journey toward better health. Hopefully the doc will agree!

Enjoy your weekend!

Week 11 | Day 6 | Steady Progress

I ate a lot of salad this week and lost another two pounds! I am happy to say the one meal a day (OMAD) format is working really well for me and I am going to keep it up.

The salads are going well too, I have not gotten sick of my daily combination of greens and toppings and will keep it going for a bit longer. I know I will need to switch up the dressing soon, among other things, to keep making progress and enjoy some new flavors!

I’ve been walking each morning as per usual. One day it rained and I did an indoor walk video, so I’m proud that I stayed on track with my walking goal and did not just decide to sleep longer.

All in all, it was a good week – good energy, good food, good vibes!

New Way of Eating Success!

I am happy to say that my first few days of my revised way of eating have gone pretty well. I have not been hungry with the longer fasting time (22-23 hours of fasting between meals). I feel great in the morning and have plenty of energy.

I have lost a couple new pounds this week and broken through the plateau I’ve been stuck on SINCE MARCH! YAHOOOOO!!!!!

As you can tell, I am happy with my results this week and will be keeping this up for a few more weeks until my doctor’s appointment later this month.

The other benefits of only eating one meal a day – prepping and cooking only once a day, enjoying leftovers the next day, less clean up, less dishes.

Let’s do this, I’m all in! 🙂

Trying something new

A couple of weeks ago, I got the results of my food sensitivity test back and found that dairy is not my best friend. I’d been eating tons of dairy while eating the keto way, and having some issues, so it all added up.

So I have been dairy free for two weeks now. No cheese. No heavy whipping cream. No butter. No sour cream. All of it is off the list and I am feeling good about it. Will this be a long-term thing? Still considering adding a couple things back one at a time to see how I do with them. Especially certain types of cheese and butter. I do miss butter!

The other thing I decided to try for a few weeks, maybe 30 days, is the Eat Like A Bear way of eating. Basically it’s one meal a day (OMAD) and you just eat a gigantic salad with the macros and calories you want, so it’s actually pretty simple. Today was day one and I feel pretty good so far.

The salad thing is going to be easy to do with the no dairy thing as well, so that’s part of why I wanted to try this now. Also, trying to lose a few more pounds before my next doctor’s appointment which is coming up later this month.

Hoping the change up will do the trick!